Friday, February 6, 2009

Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

CarteWheels provided an Hors d Oeuvres Station for the Kerrville Area Chamber Of Commerce Ribbon Cutting last night. Since we only had one table and there were going to be other caterers providing food as well, we wanted to present an eye-catching presentation and show off the concept of mini plates or in this case martini glasses. This style of catering works well for large groups and the table never looked bad or "picked over". We added a vertical buffet to give us more service area in our alotted space. The robin's egg blue and brown color scheme worked well in the neutral room. We used a large coppertone tray filled with white rice to present Mini Corn Cups filled with Hill Country Venison Chile, setting on mini black plastic plates. Mini Martini Glasses held our Avocado Hummus with Mediterranean Salsa and Pita Chips.